Why You Need Wool In Your Wardrobe

This week we're casting our eye on Wool. Our Autumn/Winter 2019 collection features a vast range of wools, including; Merino, Alpaca, Hairo & Cashmere. We've focussed our attention on these blends as they hold many positive benefits, from there durability to their breathability.
Read on to learn more about the benefits of these fabrics and a little bit on how to care for them.



A major benefit of wool clothing is its durability. Cashmere contains at least 40% natural elastic, so it can recover more than 90% of its original shape - so it keeps fluffy, soft and does not harden.
With proper care, your wool can last for decades.


Wool naturally contains a waxy coating that repels water and inhibits the growth of mold, mildew & bacteria. This reduces the risk of odour and smell that frequently occurs when wearing polyester and other synthetic fibres.


Wool is a highly sustainable fibre for many reasons. 

The international wool textile association (IWTO) explains that there are 5 main aspects of wool during its lifecycle that make it planet-friendly.
1. Wool is made from sheep, who make it through a naturally occurring phenomenon called photosynthesis.
2. As previously mentioned, wool is a durable fabric - meaning it has a long lifespan.
3. As wool is naturally antimicrobial, it tends to be washed less frequently. This contributes to less water usage and less energy consumption.
4. Wool is a suitable fibre for recycling and currently claims 5% market share of recycled fibres.
5. As wool occurs naturally from animals, it biodegrades readily, unlike synthetic fibres.


Wool is not just used for clothing. In fact, its insulation benefits make it a popular product in buildings and home delivered chilled boxes. It is able to trap air between its fibres, creating a shield between your skin and the cool air. Additionally, wool allows moisture from your skin to evaporate quickly - making it a suitable fabric to wear in both warm and cooler months.

Caring For Wool

With proper care, your wool products can last for decades. Below are some simple suggestions to ensure a lifetime of comfort.
1. Use a wool comb
All Nique wool products come with a free, branded wool pilling comb (see above). Use your comb to gently brush along the surface and remove any unwanted fluff. To use;
  • Lay the fabric on a broad service (ironing board on table)
  • Holding the comb in one hand, lightly brush the fabric down. Use your other hand to keep fabric in place.
  • Repeat on the front, backs and arms.
This technique will remove loose fibres, so remember to be extra gentle on older garments that may have become thinner over time. It is suggested not to do this too regularly as to not prematurely thin out the fabric.
2. Hand wash
Wash wool in cool, tepid water to avoid shrinking.
We also suggest using a dedicated wool or cashmere shampoo.
3. Dry flat
When wet, wool can loose its shape easily. To avoid this, we suggest folding (not wringing) your garment in a new towel and laying in a well ventilated area - away from sun or heat.

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