Curated: Men's Sale Summer Steals

Any style savvy man knows the importance of sophisticated casual wear. Here’s my 5 picks from our sale selection to elevate your out-of-office edit this summer.

Print Tee
Was $80 now $59

My hot take is that this tee is the best kept secret at Nique. It's not often at all we do print tees, so when we do we like to make it count. This is a limited edition collaboration with Huang Yulong. Huang is a new generation sculpture artist from China, who is primary influenced by hip hop and street culture. You might know him for his famous Buddha in hoodies sculptures or painted skateboards.

The shirt itself is our bestselling cult Baer tee, which is made of an unbelievably soft blend of hemp and organic cotton. It's got a slightly longer short sleeve, which is flattering on any arm, and an easy regular tee silhouette. The print is simple and minimalist with maximum impact,  which is why I love it so much.

 If you're after a black tee, check out the second print tee we did with Huang Yulong!

Toda shorts
Was $130 now $49

Setting the tone for your summer wardrobe, these Toda shorts have been crafted from a soft cotton gabardine, lightweight enough for even the hottest summer day. 

There’s something about the lustrous gabardine fabric that simply elevates the short. Even though it’s a relaxed casual style, the shorts stand out as a high quality wardrobe basic. The contrast of the jet black drawstring also is a great detail addition by the design team.


Odyssey Print Relaxed Short Sleeved Shirt
Was $140 now $69

An ode to the Memphis design movement of the 1980s, the Odyssey shirt has long been one of my favourite shirts at Nique. Like the movement, this shirt feels like a reaction against the status quo, with abstract speckled detailing adding monochromatic flair to the shirt. 

I cannot understate the importance of a sophisticated casual shirt to balance out your wardrobe. Designed for summer weekends, the shirt is formal enough to wear to your friends’ art show opening, but comfortable enough to wear for long brunch picnics that turn into sunset beers in the park.

Mercerised Cotton Polo Tee
Was $90 now $59

What really makes this shirt stand out is the fabric. Mercerised cotton, also known as pearl cotton, has an incredible lustrous appearance and silky touch. Every time I walk past it on the shop floor or in the stock room I can’t help but reach out and just touch the sleeve. Major ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ moments alert- the shirt maintains breathability and durability whilst feeling as soft as spreadable margarine.

Nique’s iteration of the polo proves that this style is not reserved for unrelatable fraternity boys. I love how the shade of the lack of logo bring the shirt down to earth, and the sleeve cuts perfectly along the bicep- looking good on every man I’ve seen in it. 

Also available in a great khaki shade.

Lilac Tee
Was $130 now $49

The 2021 version of 'real men wear pink', this lilac tee is sure to make you the subtle stand out at any event.

The tee itself has appears boxy but is actually cut slim, so it sits nicely again your hips. I also love the longer short sleeve that gives this shirt a bit of a high fashion edge.


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