Freedom of Love | GenderU by Nique

 At Nique a key pillar of our brand is Inclusivity. 

This is represented in everything we do. The people we hire, the people we serve and the clothing we design. Our stores, design studio and office are safe places for the self-expression of all, in relation to gender, sexuality and personal values. 

GenderU by Nique

GenderU by Nique Collection

Our GenderU collection is a dedicated range of clothing, designed to remove the boundaries and restrictions of traditional gendered ranges. A collection crafted in quality and eco-conscious fabrics, featuring minimal and technical design details, to be worn with pride and expression of who you are as a unique individual.

GenderU was inspired by the way our customers shop the store and collection, with fluidity and unique expression of personal style, floating between the men's and women’s spaces and garments with freedom. The first collection of 11 pieces was launched in Spring of 2019 and has now evolved into 50 pieces per season. 

We aim to ensure our range reflects our brand values of Inclusive and Responsible mindfully designed clothing for the Modern Minimalist

As lines are blurred and boundaries are pushed we are all open to exploring what we wear regardless of traditional gender ideas and age. We design with the future in mind, balancing a cool aesthetic with a consideration of the environment. GenderU epitomises this, featuring modern and sculptural silhouettes, with minimal and technical design details crafted on the whole natural and eco-conscious fabrics. 

“The launch of a distinct unisex range was a natural progression for the brand. We were inspired by our customers and the way they shop Nique. Men are drawn to our women’s trousers.Women to our men’s shirts. They are naturally gender fluid and know what suits them irreverent of how we have designed the collection."  

Nadia Jones, Creative Director

This season Nique was inspired by a Summer of freedom and a spirit of adventure. Freedom of love, of expression, of adventure not only in the world but in who we are as people and as a community. Pieces in the GenderU range are created for the un-traditional and cultured. Hero pieces this season are the Utility Neko Zip Off Jacket and Pant, the core Stanton Pant with structured curve wide leg silhouette and the Cass Hemp tee, an oversize t-shirt with a sumptuous hand feel and one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics.