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Message from Nick & Lucy Ennis, NIQUE Co-founders & Designers

There have been many early mornings where we’ve met the Builders for an on-site meeting during the construction of our new Melbourne Central store. We’ve left the store feeling uplifted, actually, incredibly excited to see it come to fruition. It’s been so many years of hard work.

The store opened up less than a week ago and we’ve had a record opening week. The feedback has been so positive and we’re really proud of how far we’ve come but can’t get away from a disturbing disparity.

Every time we left the store on those 4º degree mornings we saw someone huddled in a corner, a few blankets held tight to protect themselves against the devastating cold. Another block up the city and there’s someone else sleeping on the street. In fact, there was someone on every second block of the Melbourne CBD.

We’ve lived here our entire lives and never seen homelessness on this scale. The disparity between spending thousands on a new store fit-out and seeing a young woman with absolutely nothing hits you in the stomach.

A good friend of ours once said that brands should be seen as people and that stuck with us.
Who is NIQUE and what contribution will it make?

We’ve decided to take action on the issue of homelessness on our streets.

We’re going to set up a not-for-profit arm that will create an innovative product to help those sleeping rough get through the night. It won’t solve the problem of homelessness but we hope it will make a few people more comfortable and let them know that a few people around them actually care.

We would welcome anyone who is connected to homelessness professionally or who just wants to do something to help.

Please email and register your interest with the following format

How you can contribute: