How To: Build A Capsule Winter Wardrobe

Investing in simple pieces made from premium fabrics and cut into classic silhouettes is a better option for the environment, it also makes planning your outfits far easier.
These investment pieces will create your capsule wardrobe that will stand the test of time, with key pieces you'll reach for again and again. 

1. Quality over Quantity

Leather Essentials


A quality leather item can, with the right care, last in your wardrobe for literally a lifetime. Which is why it's no surprise they are so popular in a capsule wardrobe. As we mentioned previously, it's important to purchase items that will last you throughout the seasons - and if you need to spend a little extra to ensure this then that's completely justified.

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2. Find your key statement pieces

Statement pieces don't need to come at a high cost. Also, try to think about what styles look best on your body shape. Don't feel afraid to try step outside of your comfort zone when trying on styles and be open to style suggestions from the retail assistants. We've picked out a few pieces that can add complexity and versatility to your wardrobe, without being too 'avant garde'.
The Blazer
A classic, tailored blazer never goes astray in a wardrobe. The perfect addition whether you're a man or woman - this item can be worn out to dinner just as readily as it can to the office. 
The Tailored Pant
Similar to the blazer, a tailored pant is extremely versatile. Wear it up with 
The shape and length of tailored pants can change each season as trends develop, so we suggest starting with a slim-straight, well-fitting pair and building your wardrobe from there.
The Oversized Jumper
An oversized jumper can create a fresh look over jeans, chinos and skirts and is the first step to mastering the art of layering. 


3. Versatile Neutrals

The Button Up
Perhaps the most important key piece in a wardrobe, regardless of gender. A quality, plain button up should be picked with care and you should never skimp on quality. A few tips when picking out a new button up shirt:
- The shoulder width should differ no more than 2cm from the shoulder width of the shirt.
- The Length of the shirt (collar to last button) should be no longer than half way down your pant zipper.
Cotton Basics

Last, but definitely not least, is a set of cotton basics. NIQUE provides a range of core tee's that are designed to last a lifetime and are always available should you need a replenishment. 

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