Interview | Fleur Egan Styling AW22

Hailing from the UK, Fleur Egan’s variety of individualism and her intensive creative outlook has landed her as one of Australia’s leading contemporary stylists and fashion presenters. Fleur presents on “The Morning Show” as a permanent member of The Style Squad. Her style credits include Vogue, Grazia, L’OFFICIEL to name a few and Fleur has been the creative force behind many the celebrity over the years.
Her styling is bold and unique, taking a different approach to traditional methods of gendered based styling. Not only is Fleur a stylist by day, she is also a mother, wife and incredibly strong female role model that has inspired countless creatives around the world with her huge following base.
Jules | Chiyoko Coat + Black Stanton Pants + Itsuki Jacket (available soon)
For our Autumn / Winter 22 collection we asked Fleur to interpret Nique in her own individual outlook, both styling and modelling the clothes with her close friend Jules (@ja.mcg) making photographs close by our Paddington store in NSW. After the shoot, we asked Fleur a few questions on her iconic styling and 
lifestyle choices.
Fleur | Gliese(504) x Nique Diagonal Tie-Dye Kazoko (available now in the Rinji silhouette) + Khaki Sculpture Pant + Khaki Yuki Jacket (available soon)


What does Australian design mean to you?

Australian design to me means great fabrics, wearability and designs that you buy to keep.


What does Nique mean to you?

NIQUE for me is the place I go to for my permanent wardrobe. The pieces I get from there are so workable with the rest of my wardrobe. Simplicity with an edge. 


 Fleur | Black Adar Coat + Charlie Check Shirt + Check Bowie Pant

Jules | Chiyoko Coat + Black Stanton Pants + Itsuki Jacket (available soon)


What stood out to you regarding the garments you picked for this styling shoot?

How good the pieces feel on. How easy it is to style them in more than one way and the fact that they really are gender neutral.

 How does minimalism play a role in your life?

My life is pretty hectic as a freelance stylist, you really don’t know what is coming up next. My approach to shopping has changed though and I now look for fabrics and simple shapes that I know suit my body. It’s actually been really refreshing simplifying my wardrobe and taking a more minimal approach to dressing. 


Fleur | Blue Check Ayumi Coat + Black Check Florian Skirt + Pale Blue Lotus Shirt

Jules | Black Adar Coat + Illusion Blue Jeeva Shirt + Black Bowie Pant 

  Do you focus on gender at all when styling or is everything unisex in your eyes? 

As a stylist you are used to playing with things and putting a different spin on them. A skirt can become a hat, a dress can become a cape. I’ve never really seen gender as a focus, it’s more about the person or the creative feel I want to lead with.


Fleur | Khaki Suki Shirt + Khaki Suki Culottes

Jules | Gleise(504) x Nique Forest Tie-Dye Harbour Coat + White Tait T-Shirt + Black Bowie Pant 

  How do you style responsibly and sustainably?

I try to mix in vintage where I can, that’s something I’ve always liked to work with and I love to incorporate sustainable brands which thankfully is getting much easier to do. In my own personal style I don’t mass buy, I invest in a few key pieces that I love and wear on repeat.


Fleur |Gleise(504) x Nique Marble Aiya Coat + Gleise(504) x Nique Bay Of Fires Tie-Dye Kimi + Black Thom Cardigan + Black Bowie Pant + Black Beare Dress

Jules | Black Stanton Pants + Gleise(504) x Nique Fireburst Tie-Dye Riken Tee (sold out)

What are your favourite items from our AW22 collection? 

The culottes and shirt combo! I think I’ve worn and styled this at least 3 different times already. I’m Also a big fan of your knits.


 Jules | Merlot Kai Cardigan + Cocoa Bowie Pant + Rum Aalto T-Shirt