Style Guide: Linen

For a truly timeless approach to summer dressing, there is nothing better than linen’s weightless texture and cooling capabilities. From simple t-shirts to midi skirts and tailored pants, linen offers versatility in the warm weather for any contemporary minimalist – no matter their gender. 

Linen is a material that any style-minded person should have in their wardrobe. This guide will explore what linen is, how it thrives as a garment, and ways to style capsule linen pieces. 

What is Linen?

Linen is a textile made from flax plants that is popularly used to make clothing – and for good reason. Due to the material's ability to dry quickly, its high absorbency and its durability, linen clothing is ideal to wear in warm weather.

Additionally, linen production is kind on the planet. It grows naturally with rainwater with no need for irrigation, so it requires seven times less water to produce than cotton. No pesticides or harmful chemicals are required for its cultivation, and it is completely biodegradable.

The popularity of linen can be attributed to its natural and sustainable qualities as well as its durability, making it a fabric that has longevity as well as relevance in the fashion industry.

The Benefits of Linen Clothing

Linen has been used in fashion for centuries. It’s a popular choice for clothing because of its versatility and comfort, and is often associated with a casual, relaxed style. However, linen clothing can also be worn in more formal settings, such as weddings and other events, as it can be dressed up with the right accessories.

Not only is linen a timeless, refined fabric, but it also boasts a number of practical advantages. It’s a lightweight, breathable material that's perfect for staying cool and comfortable during the warmer months. However, possibly the best part of linen is that it only gets softer with wear and washing. Linen is also a naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial fibre, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

How to Style Linen Clothing

Linen clothing is a versatile and comfortable choice for various occasions, whether casual or formal. When styling linen, a good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Nique specialises in minimalistic pieces that set themselves apart through clever tailoring and attention to detail – an approach that lets linen’s natural beauty shine. 

Avoid over-accessorising or wearing too many patterns alongside linen. Neutral tones like white, beige and grey pair well with the material and create a chic and sophisticated look. Layering linen clothing can add depth to the outfit as well, and mixing and matching textures with other natural fabrics can create a unique and polished look. 


It’s important to choose the right fit with linen clothing, which ideally is loose-fitting without being overly baggy or shapeless. Following these base guidelines, you can create a sophisticated yet comfortable look. 

Styling Linen Dresses

Linen dresses are a staple of any summer wardrobe and a key piece to pack when embarking on a warm-weather holiday. The versatility of a linen dress is what makes it a must-have due to its ability to be dressed up or down, all the while providing comfort. 

For example, pairing a linen dress, such as a Nique linen dress, with a leather jacket can add a touch of edge. If you're after a more casual look, ditch the jacket and put on a pair of sneakers or sandals. Alternatively, belting a loose-fitting linen shirt dress will present a more defined silhouette. 

Accessorising with jewellery can also determine either an everyday-day or evening-appropriate look. Overall, no matter how styled, a linen dress always offers the opportunity to create an effortlessly sharp fit.

Styling Linen Shirts

Ideal base pieces for any summer outfit, the styling possibilities with linen shirts are endless. For a minimalistic look, pair a linen shirt with simple trousers or shorts. For a more formal look, opt for tailored pants

A minimalist outfit can also be effortlessly achieved by wearing a linen shirt as a light jacket over a tank top or pairing it with high-waisted jeans or a maxi skirt. Accessories such as statement jewellery pieces or hats can also complement the natural texture of linen.

Styling Linen Pants & Shorts

Linen pants and shorts are classics to have in one’s closet for creating polished yet comfortable looks. Consider pairing them with contemporary pieces, such as graphic t-shirts or denim jackets, to add dimension to outfits. 

Pair loose-fitting linen pants with sneakers for a sporty, relaxed look, and add a fitted tank or crop top to achieve a modern, urban style. Linen shorts work well with various top styles, from simple t-shirts to button-up shirts. 

With the right accessories and additional contemporary pieces, linen pants and shorts can be styled in various ways to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Caring for Linen Clothing

Linen is a lightweight and breathable fabric that requires special care to keep in good condition. When washing linen clothing, it's best to do so by hand and in cold water. If you must use a washing machine, use a gentle cycle and cold water to avoid damaging the fibres. 

Avoid using bleach or fabric softener, which can weaken the fabric and cause discolouration. Do not tumble dry, as this could cause shrinkage and damage to the fabric. Always hang linen to dry.

To prevent wrinkling, it's best to iron linen clothing when it's still slightly damp using a medium to high heat setting. It's important to store linen clothing in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight, to prevent yellowing or discolouration. With proper care, linen clothing can last for years and maintain its natural beauty and texture.

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