Inclusive Nail Polishes: Introducing SCOUT

Nail polishes are for everyone.

Like clothes, hair styles, and music taste, nail art is simply a form of self expression that everyone can partake in.

Whether you want to match your polish to your mood, occasion, or outfit, a tastefully chosen nail colour will elevate your style and make you feel like a million bucks.

At Nique, we are so proud to be stocking Scout Nail Polishes- an organic beauty  brand who's mission is to empower everybody to feel and look beautiful.

We care about you and the environment at Nique, so we made sure that these nail polishes are kind on the body and the planet. Enriched with organic superfood ingredients, these non-toxic nail polish helps to stimulate nail growth and repair damage while providing a long-lasting smooth nail finish.

Explore the shades below and decide which mood suit you best right now.


This shade is perfect for the wild IT girl inside you, waiting to be unleashed. I'm talking about your alter-ego who has the lead singer of that band falling at their feet, who gets let into whatever venue they please, and who at midnight is only just getting started. This glittery black polish will have you cry with a Rebel Yell 'more more more'.

Reminiscent of luxurious satin silk sheets, evoking the feeling of a lover putting expensive jewellery around your neck, this shimmery rose gold polish is sure to spark a deluge of compliments. Be warned that this is not a hue to wear to blend in with the crowd, this is the shade that will have everyone at your work Christmas party find you and whisper 'Be My Lover'.



Think of cosmos deep in space, photos of galaxies that look too magical to be real. This shimmery swirl of green hues is eye catching and mesmerising to everyone who sees it. It will have you singing 'That's me in the spotlight, Losing My Religion'.

In the world of nail polish colours, one shade blurs the line between natural neutrals and bold brights. Subtle enough to still be considered a neutral, yet statement-making enough to compete with more dramatic colours, the shade suits every skin colour. Opting for a full white manicure simply says 'What do you think? Oh that's right, I Really Don't Care.

This luxurious and sophisticated rouge noir shade resembles a glass of the most expensive Shiraz on the menu. Whether you want to call it burgundy, oxblood, or maroon- this polish is certified to make you feel like a temptress. This is a sign to fulfil your femme fatale fantasy. Find your lucky victim and run into the night, whispering with a smile 'They could Never Tear Us Apart'

You don't have to try and convince us at Nique- we know black goes with everything. Inherently gender-free, no manicure is more high fashion than all black. As Deee-Lite famously sings 'No, I couldn't ask for another- Groove Is In The Heart'


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