Make a Difference this Black Fri Dye

Nique in partnership with Black FriDYE makes choosing the sustainable option easy for the second year in a row.

We are taking your preloved clothes and over-dying them black to give them a new lease on life, so you can love them longer.

All you need to do is drop your garments off to any Nique location in Sydney or Melbourne, and they will be sent delivered back-in-black to you.

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This event runs from 22.11.2022 - 5.12.2022


We at Nique recognise the inherent contradiction between the current fashion industry and the concept of sustainability. We are committed to making better business choices every day to minimise our social, environmental, and ethical impact.


The longer we wear our clothes, the better it is for the planet. By over-dying your your clothes whose colours have faded, or patterns you don't love anymore, we are offering your pre-loved garments a new lease on life. 

You get that 'new clothes feeling' but with a 95% reduction in carbon emissions compared to actually buying new clothes.


Any garment. Any brand. Any Colour. 

Natural plant-based fibres work best like cotton, hemp or linen. Cellusics like bamboo, tencel or viscose also dye well as will any blend of natural fibres.

Patterns and/or stains should also turn pure black, but there are no guarantees as it depends on the exact composition.


How much?

In between $19 and $49 depending on the garment. Saving you not only 50-60% off standard pricing, but also time and effort. 


- Black Friday - 24th November 2021until the 5th December = Buy your dye credits.
- December = Drop off your clothes at any Nique store in Sydney or Melbourne.
- January = Your clothes are dyed and sent back to you.
- February = Wear your newly black clothes, and smugly tell all your friends about it.

I'm in!

Good choice. Head to this link and simply buy one re-dye credit for each garment you want to refresh. 

Any further questions? Find the FAQs here.

Please note this event runs strictly from 22.11.2022 to 5.12.2022