MODERN MINIMAL STAPLES | The Foundation Pieces

A style solution to make life simpler, with beautiful and practical pieces that help you look and feel your best each day. We present the key 5 items you need to create your capsule wardrobe to elevate your everyday.

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NO. 1 | The SHIRT

A Shirt is the minimal modernist’s essential. Our shirts are expertly crafted under a watchful eye, and use natural fibres that will keep you cool and comfortable all day. Find a fit that you will want to wear to the boardroom as much as to the beach, and watch yourself reach for this piece for years to come.



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NO. 2 | The PANT

Is there anything more timeless than tailoring? A pair of pants that feels just as right in work as it does in the bar is hard to come by, but Nique has you covered with a selection of expertly crafted tailored pants for both men and women. Opt for a natural fibre blend, that will keep you comfortable for long days at the desk.



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NO. 3 | The DRESS

A Dress is the easiest option in a busy woman’s wardrobe. Explore your lifestyle, and find a dress that suits you and the spaces you inhabit best. Be it billowy, floaty, or cozy - the perfect dress becomes the go-to item when time is tight but still empowers you to look your best.

NO. 4 | The T-SHIRT

Nique’s mantra of versatility and utility is manifested through our Iconic tees. We believe that creative days start with comfortable wearable clothes, and we see the t-shirt as the core of our style. Form and function combine in all our t-shirts which are never tight or shapeless, and are made from the softest combination of natural fibres.


Always in style, always comfortable - Sweatshirting must not be underestimated. We suggest investing in a hoodie that you know will be worn as much indoors as out, team with a track pant. Also experiment with your styling layer under a blazer for effortless cool.


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