Our love of natural fibres

At NIQUE we are continuing our sustainability journey, to create innovative fashion that isn’t wasteful or negatively impacting on people, our environment and community.

Pure, lightweight wool, flannel Suto Jacket.

We design garments that are long-lasting and promote versatility within your wardrobe.

We offer a minimal aesthetic elevated by striking prints and distinctive tailoring.

Silver Grey Ayumi Coat made in a wool viscose coating.

Nique is modern and not grounded in tradition, and our design ethos is to use clean lines and clever innovation to make the future exciting. Within this modernism, there is minimalism, stripping back designs to their best components, including our fabrications.

Pure wool Yosama over shirt worn over our Bamboo Cotton Tait Tee.

Our materials are a core component within the Nique DNA, as we endeavour to use considerate and sustainable fabrics within our collections. Our fabrics are carefully sourced and consist of both natural, cellulosic and synthetic fibres, which all have a considered purpose in our collections.

No fabric is perfect, however with education we can work towards making an informed purchase and investment. Sixty five percent of our latest collection is 100 percent natural fibres, with internal goals set to increase this further each season.

Why Natural fibres?

When speaking about our materials, we like to consider non-toxic fibres sourced from organic matter and their biodegradability.

Biodegrading is the dissolution of materials by bacteria or other biological means. Biodegradation is an important part of our natural ecosystem, where something produced degrades back into basic building blocks to be produced again.

Our Unisex Osakie Pant is made from a pure, relaxed, cotton gaberdine twill.

At Nique we are conscious of forming closed loop products, where at the end of a garment’s life, if the garment is not re-purposed or recycled, it can be broken down naturally through biodegradation. This is why we focus on using biodegradable, natural fibres including cotton, hemp, linen, silk and wool.