Online Charity initiative - introducing i=change

Nique partners with Charity Donation Tool i=change

At Nique, we’re starting to change how we do things, so that we can make this world of ours just a little bit better. Over the coming months we’ll share how we’re doing that, and why we believe it’s so important. Our first step? To partner with i=change.


i=change is an organisation that allows us to be able to give back in a really simple way, and with every online purchase. Weaving philanthropy into our everyday purchases, represents one of the most powerful opportunities to create new funding streams and positively impact communities around the world.


For each purchase you make, Nique will donate a dollar to one of three charities, and you get to choose which of the three charities will receive the donation. The charity receives 100% of the donation, and you can see the impact we are making in real-time on the i=change website.


How does it work? Just make a purchase online and select the charity of your choosing when you reach the confirmation page. And if you so wish, you can also contribute an extra amount to your chosen charity.



The three charities we’ve chosen to be recipients of Nique donations are Childwise, Dress for Success and Foodbank; you can find more information about each of these charities below.


Nique supports Child Wise with i=change


Child Wise delivers ‘Personal Safety’ training to teachers, to help them educate children about personal safety, body autonomy, safe and unsafe touch and encourage them to express their feelings, particularly if they feel unsafe. Children with increased awareness of body ownership are more assertive in expressing their feelings are less vulnerable to abuse.


Nique introduces i=change - working with feed Aussies in crisis


Foodbank restores hope to people who are struggling by rescuing and sourcing food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers, and distributing it through front line charities around the country to people in need.


Nique introduces i=change - supporting Dress for Success Australia


There are currently 346,000 women unemployed across Australia. Thousands of women are struggling and have lost their confidence.


Often the only thing standing between them and vastly improved circumstances - is a chance. Dress For Success Australia empower women to take back their confidence and overcome their barriers to gaining and sustaining employment.


Why i=change?


We chose to work with i=change because we believe it’s important to engage with organisations that share our values. The NGO partners that i=change works with, are amongst the best in their fields of development. i=change regularly meet with them, understand how they operate, and visit many of their projects in the field.


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