Shot back in January 2020, our Summer 2020 Collection was inspired by "Deconstructivism'; an architectural movement or style influenced by deconstruction, that encourages radical freedom of form rather than strict attention to functional concerns and conventional design elements. 
Our collection will continue to drop throughout the season, we are excited to share our campaign with you now and over the following weeks.
Photographer: Bryce Thomas
Stylist: Abby Bennett
Hair and Make Up: Chris Arai
Models: Mia | Maui
Steady Denim Shirt | Aimie Linen Dress


Ash Grey Shirt | Pant

Ash Grey Stripe Shirt and Pant                                

Aimie Linen Dress

Aimie Linen Dress

Aimie Linen Dress


Keiko Stripe Dress

Unisex Steady Denim Shirt

Steady Denim Shirt - November Drop

Wave Top | Body Pant

Wave Top - November Drop

Body Jacket and Pant

Body Jacket and Pant - November Drop

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