The Festive Dress Edit

The White Fumita Linen Mini Dress

The White Fumita is our perfectly effortless mini dress made for your Christmas day lunch. Full of flirtatious movement, the dress is ridiculously photogenic without being over the top. The asymmetrical gathered hems create a billowy, breezy silhouette, which also lets you feel comfortable reaching for that third pavlova nest. Relax! That’s what the silly season is about.
Style with: A red paper Christmas hat from a bon bon 

Stillwater Blue Aimie Linen Dress

We try to not play favourites, but the Aimie dress is Nique’s golden girl. Featuring a flattering square neckline and gorgeous back detailing, the dress gives a perfect balance of comfort and shape. The juxtaposition of the stand out silhouette and light linen fabric will have you repeating all day ‘oh this? I just threw it on- it’s so comfortable’.
Style with: A barefoot bowls Christmas party

Pine Escape Cupro Viscose Dress

The Escape Dress is for the more formal engagement on your calendar, and perfect for a NYE party. Blurring the line between a day and night ensemble, the midi length is accompanied by a subtle slit  Crafted in our signature vegan silk, the fabric provides fluidity and femininity even on the warmest day.

Style with: Your hair tied back showcasing your favourite pair of earrings.