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Conscious Choices

At Nique, we endeavour to create innovative fashion that isn’t wasteful or negatively impacting on people or our planet. We believe in looking after the planet for the future - by 2022 our goal is for 95% of our collections to be made from natural and sustainable fabrics.

We are proud to use certified closed loop fabrics such as Lenzing Tencel, Cupro and Modal, which are made from sustainably farmed trees using renewable energy. As well as Linens, Hemps and Organic Cotton.

The Kira Cupro Dress

Cupro created from the by-product of the industrial harvest of cotton, particularly the waste fibres which are too small to spin. These tiny fibres are taken from the production process and dissolved into a viscous solution and then spun into a fibre. Cupro is also known as a ‘vegan silk’ due to its silk-smooth handle and drape. Produced in a closed loop system, Cupro is hypoallergenic, breathable and also stretch- resistant.

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The Fumita Linen Dress

Linen is a natural fabric derived from the fibres of the Flax plant, which is extremely versatile and resilient.. Flax has a high yield and uses far less water and pesticides compared to conventional cotton.  Other qualities are that  it is antibacterial, naturally absorbs moisture making it naturally water-wicking and keeps you cool and well ventilated in warm weather.
fumita linen dress

The Rumo Tencel Dress

Tencel™ is produced using cellulose from fast-growing trees such as eucalyptus trees which are sustainably farmed. The fibre is created by using a biodegradable chemical made in a closed loop process as 99% of the chemical solution can be recycled and reused. The wood pulp is dissolved, dried and then spun. The manufacturing of Tencel™ requires less energy and water compared to conventional cotton, and the closed loop process is sustainable. 

Known for being durable, easy to care for, super soft and breathable; Tencel™ is the trademark for Lyocell fabric which ensures it has been made within a closed loop system which is highly sustainable.
rumo tencel dress

The Escape Cupro Viscose Dress

Fabricated from a blend of Cupro and Viscose. Cupro is made from the by-product of the industrial harvest of cotton, particularly the waste fibres which are too small to spin. Also known as a ‘vegan silk’ due to its silk-smooth handle and drape. Cupro is hypoallergenic, breathable and also stretch-resistant. Cellulose used to generate certified viscose comes from sustainable sourced wood such as beech, pine, eucalyptus, soy and sugar cane. The fibre is spun within a closed loop system, ensuring no harmful chemicals are released. Viscose has a beautiful drape and sheen through the fabric and is more durable than silk as well as being comfortable and very breathable.
escape dress
We have collaborated with GLIESE 504, which in turn, developed around up cycling/ re-working dead-stock or pre-loved clothes; the main objective is to counterbalance all the environmental issues by keeping textiles out of landfill.
Our partnership with Gliese (504) is to not only minimise waste, but also create garments that can be worn or styled in different ways, with a higher emotional engagement with the consumer.
Gliese (504) garments are unique and one-of-a-kind, because of the nature of upcycling, and are fabricated from recycled Nique fabrics.All products are made-to-order with a three week timeline. 

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