War Paint: Make Up For Men

The difference between conventional makeup and War Paint For Men Makeup is that War Paint has been designed to be invisible. With no need for crazy contoured artistry most associated with makeup, War Paint is elevated grooming - a subtle step up from your daily moisturising routine.
War Paint for men is simply an option - one you can take or leave as you see fit to finesse your appearance. Here at Nique, regardless of gender, we enjoy the enhanced natural finish that the War Paint range delivers. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about War Paint's products and how to use them.


Prime your skin

Like preparing a blank canvas for an oil painting, preparing your skin is essential for guaranteeing an even base for your makeup. As the first product in your makeup routine, primer ensures a smooth airbrushed effect that keeps your makeup in place all day. It’s not essential, so can be skipped when you’re in a pinch, but the War Paint Primer helps the rest of your makeup thrive by reducing the appearance of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles.




Perhaps the most essential product in your makeup repertoire - Concealer. Whether you want to cover up dark circles, scars, or an acne breakout, use concealer to literally conceal anything you’d rather hide. War Paint Concealer is an easy to use cream based formula, which is as easy as dabbing on with your finger - the heat created between your skin will help melt the product into your skin, ensuring a seamless and natural looking blend.



Tinted Moisturiser

Summer is gone, but a natural looking glow can still be achieved with the War Paint Tinted Moisturiser. Basically a mix of moisturiser and foundation, tinted moisturiser is great to use if you’ve noticed your overall complexion is slightly uneven. Super easy to use - simply apply to your fingers and gently apply into your skin. It’s lightweight and buildable - meaning you can add more if desired. If you're after more coverage to even out your complexion, try the  War Paint Foundation.




If you really want to achieve that just-got-back-from-the-Maldives look, use the War Paint Bronzer to add warmth definition to your face and body. Apply this over your foundation or tinted moisturiser with the Metal Powder Brush and focus on areas that the sun would naturally hit your face - like your nose, forehead and temples. Or for a more defined look; try brushing Bronzer below the cheekbones and on the sides of your nose.



Beard + Brow Gel

Get a hold of your unruly eyebrows and beard by adding a slick finish. Because men’s facial hair is slightly thicker and fuller than women’s it needs more maintenance. War Paint’s lightweight, non-sticky Beard + Brow Gel will shape and control your facial hairs, keeping them in place all day. 


Anti Shine

If your brows, temples, nose and cheeks tend to get shiny throughout the day - join the club. Thankfully the War Paint Anti-Shine Powder helps to neutralise and absorb oils to prevent you from looking like a bike reflector. Using is easy - simply apply with a Powder Brush for a smooth matte finish. 



Wipe Away The Day

Removing your War Paint in an environmentally friendly way is easy with the Reusable Remover Pads. Made from a bamboo and cotton blend they feel luxurious while working hard to remove all makeup ad oils from your skin. Apply a few drops of War Paint Makeup Remover onto a pad and wipe your skin in small circular motions to ensure all residue is removed. 
When you're done simply place the used Remover Pad in it's own laundry bag and add to your next load of washing.


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