Cellulosic fabrics have a beautiful drape and are known for their durability, soft touch, breathability and natural lustre. We use cellulosic fabrics as they are biodegradable and an eco-friendly alternative to polyester.

It is because of their natural origins that they require a higher level of care and attention, however make durable and long-lasting garments.

Spot clean stains promptly using mild detergent and a damp cloth, blotting instead of rubbing.

Cellulosic garments can be hand washed or machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent, wash with similar colours, and avoid bleach or fabric softener.

Line dry or lay flat to air dry. Avoid tumble drying to prevent shrinkage. Steam or iron on low as needed to remove wrinkles. Dry clean if uncertain about care instructions.

Cellulose types we use:

Our Bamboo Viscose
Bamboo is a fast growing crop, regenerates and doesn’t require fertiliser. We use Bamboo Rayon in our Aalto and Tait tees, as they are super comfortable and soft, becoming softer with each wear.

Our Lenzing Tencel
Lenzing Tencel is a certified, closed loop fabric made from fast-growing Eucalyptus Trees which are sustainably farmed.
Our Viscose
Cellulose used to generate certified viscose comes from sustainable sourced wood such as Beech, Pine, Eucalyptus, Soy and Sugar Cane.

Our Lenzing Modal
Lenzing Modal is a certified, closed loop fabric made from Beech Trees, which is incredibly strong and retains its shape well without shrinking.

Our Cupro
Cupro is manufactured from the by-product of Cotton, by taking the waste fibres which are too small to be spun.