Denim is an investment and forms the building blocks of an everyday wardrobe. 

At Nique, we take pride in our denim collection which features cult jean styles such as our Berliners and Antwerps. 

Our denim pieces are durable and long-lasting, however do require appropriate attention and care.

Garment Care:


  • Our denim is designed to fade and with each wear, it will begin to evolve and develop unique characteristics. The beauty of using indigo dyes is that, over time, areas of your denim will develop whiskers, often seen in areas where it creases and folds. The denim will begin to form around the shape of your body and the way you wear it.
  • Take care not to use belt loops to pull on or adjust your jeans, always pull by the waistband to ensure no tearing when tugged.
  • With distressed denim, do ensure you take care when putting them on or off. This is to avoid any damage to the existing distressing which can cause further ripping.


  • A simple airing out will suffice if your denim is not dirty/stained and washing isn’t required.
  • Gently place your garment on a hanger, hang it out in an airy, sheltered space for 1-2 days (not in direct sunlight). 
  • Spot cleaning for any stains is a great way to keep your denim looking fresh, and avoiding unnecessary washing (which will help prolong the garment's life). 
  • We recommend for all denim to be either hand washed or machine washed in cool to cold water with a minimal amount of gentle, earth friendly detergent. 
  • Turn garments inside out before washing (to reduce impact of detergent on the surface area) and wash dark colours separately. 
  • Be mindful that colours may bleed for the first few washes (also can be a great idea to wash any darker denim prior to wearing to reduce any chance of colour transfer and avoid contact with any light colour garments, upholstery and the like). 


  • Do not tumble dry your denim as this will shrink your jeans and speed up their ageing process.

  • We recommend shaking out your denim before laying them out flat to dry in the shade (away from direct sunlight to avoid fading). 

  • You can also use an iron with a low temperature function to softly press and shape your denim when turned inside out.