Linen is a natural fibre which is extremely versatile and resilient.

Linen is a type of ‘bast fibre’ which means it's a natural fibre derived from the stem of the flax plant. Flax can grow under poor soil conditions, has a high yield and uses far less water and pesticides compared to conventional cotton.

Linen is incredibly strong, moth resistant and can withstand high temperatures. This means it is antibacterial and naturally absorbs moisture making it water-wicking, keeping you cool and well ventilated in warm weather. 

Garment Care

  • A simple airing out will suffice if the garment is not dirty or stained and washing isn’t required.
  • Gently place your garment on a hanger, hang it out in an airy, sheltered space for 1-2 days (not in direct sunlight). 
  • We recommend for all linen garments to undergo a gentle spot cleaning for any stains or a cold water wash. 
  • This can either be a hand wash or bath, or a cold, gentle machine wash with like colours and an earth friendly detergent. Always cold wash linen garments as the fibres come from a natural origin.
  • Please line dry your garments and to avoid shrinkage- do not tumble dry.
  • We recommend hanging your linen garments up to dry on a clothes hanger, as this will minimise crinkling and creasing.
  • You can also use an iron with a low-medium temperature function to softly press. 
  • Our linen garments can also be taken to a trusted, eco friendly dry cleaner, if in doubt.