Wool Coats

Our signature coats and suiting are often made from wool, a renewable resource, which is biodegradable, breathable and a natural insulator.

Woollen pieces are an investment and do require a higher level of care and attention. They are however timeless and of great value, lasting for years in your wardrobe.

If your woollen garment is not visibly dirty or stained, you can often freshen it up by simply airing it out. Do so by hanging them on a hanger in an airy, sheltered space for 1-2 days (avoid direct sunlight).

Spot clean stains with mild detergent and a damp cloth, blotting instead of rubbing.

Hand wash in cold water with wool-safe detergent, gently agitate, and air-dry flat.

Consider dry cleaning if unsure, ensuring safe chemicals for natural fibres.