It’s fair to say that at Nique we are really, really into T-shirts. When we say that, we mean in every single aspect of its design - the fabrics, the weights, the colours, the cut of the neckline, the length of the sleeves; no stone is left unturned in creating this penultimate piece.

We never underestimate the role of a good quality tee, at the core of your everyday styling; our selection ensures that we have the perfect T-shirt for you. With care and attention, our T-Shirts make durable and long-lasting garments.

Garment Care:

  • All of our core T-Shirt styles are created from carefully selected natural fibres, which make comfortable, high quality garments. 
  • We suggest the following garment care tips in order to extend the life of your tees and ensure their durability. 
  • We recommend keeping your washing to a minimum to prolong the life of your garments, and to reduce your carbon footprint.


  • A simple airing out will suffice if the t-shirt is not dirty or stained and washing isn’t required.
  • Gently place your tees on a hanger, hang it out in an airy, sheltered space for 1-2 days (not in direct sunlight). 
  • We recommend for all tees to undergo a gentle spot cleaning for any stains or a cold water bath. 
  • We recommend for our tees to be hand washed or placed in a cool, gentle machine wash with like colours and an earth friendly detergent. Always cold wash garments which are made from natural fibres.
  • Please line dry your garments and to avoid shrinkage- do not tumble dry.
  • We prefer to use a gentle steamer on our tees, however you can also use an iron with a low temperature function to softly press on the reverse.