Closed Loop Products

We are conscious of forming closed loop products, where at the end of a garment’s life- if it is not re-purposed or recycled, it can be broken down naturally through biodegradation. This is why we focus on using biodegradable fabrics. 

Minimal Waste Series

We have started a minimal waste collection which we plan on continually expanding on. These pieces are hand draped and use at least 92% of the fabric length, drastically reducing waste during production.


We believe it is important that all our packaging is either biodegradable, compostable, recyclable or reusable. Whilst eliminating packaging entirely isn’t feasible for us, we endeavour to make smarter and more sustainable choices surrounding packaging. We have eliminated excess packaging at supplier, internal, ecommerce and retail levels, and have made significant changes to our packaging solutions.


Nique uses “vegetable ivory” corozo for all out buttons. Corzo is made up of tightly wound, biodegradable, organic fibres. This eliminates waste and reduces the use of plastic.


We have recycling sorting systems in our Sydney and Melbourne offices and in all our retail stores.