Factory Compliance

As a fashion brand that produces predominately offshore, social & ethical compliance from our manufacturers is very important to us. We understand that this, & transparency of our supply chain is also important to our customers. Most of our garments are produced in China.

We work with factories in the following areas:


Our leather garments are produced in India using a by-product of other industries. This supplier has a SA8000 certificate for Social Accountability & ISO 9001 certificate for quality. Footwear is produced in Portugal, also using leather that is a by-product of other industries.

As a NIQUE standard, our factories must comply with the following key points:

Minimum age requirement
Works hours & overtime legislation
Minimum wage requirement
Healthy & safe work environment
Anti-discrimination policy
Adhere to environmental & occupational health & safety standards

Our Production Manager is currently working through this with our factories and arranging 3rd party audits for compliance & quality. Annual factory visits are also undertaken to monitor these standards.


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