A circular initiative to help eliminate waste by reusing and recycling

We design our clothes with intent. Timeless designs, in mindful fabrics, responsibly made. But we care just as much about how garments are made as where they end up - so we’re taking our clothes back.

When you’re done with your pre-loved Nique garments, we ask that you give them back to us, and not discard them. We will reNique, reNew and Resell your pieces to make sure they have a new lease on life. It’s part of our mission to keep clothes out of landfill, reduce the impact of the apparel industry, and design a future without waste.

How it works

Faulty, preloved, and dead stock garments are inspected by our team of experts who decide how to give them a new life. These items enter our reNique reNew program and are sent to our creative collaborators to mend, up-cycle, over dye, and be given another chance. These garments are then sold in store for at least 20% off the original price.

reNique reNew - The Details


Faulty or damaged garments are sent to our friends at Second Stitch, a NFP social enterprise, who carefully and lovingly mend these pieces to give them another chance.


Worn and torn garments are up-cycled by our creative collaborators into one-of-a-kind pieces. Our collaborators, which includes the teams from Gliese (504) and SZN, deconstruct and renew these garments into totally unique pieces ranging from dresses to bags and hats.

Over dyed

Garments with stains, or in colours that just aren’t working, are over dyed by creative collaborators which include Gliese (504) and Citizen Wolf. Some styles are hand dyed to form beautiful patterns, and some are over dyed in our signature shade of black.


Clothes in perfect condition that have been lightly stained or dirtied are professionally cleaned and sold at a discount.

Minor faults

Some garments with minor production faults, that are still deemed sellable by our team of experts, are sold in store through reNique reNew at a discount.

Get Involved

  • Return your preloved Nique clothes to us - no matter the condition.
  • You receive a 10% off your purchase in store - there and then.
  • Not near a store? Send us your clothes through our Returns Portal, click HERE, ideally in a compostable mailing bag. When we receive your clothes we will send you a discount code.
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Our Collaborators

Second Stitch

Second stitch is a not-for-profit social enterprise that celebrates the unique skills, traditions and stories of refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum. For those based in Melbourne, second stitch offers alteration services that you can explore here.


Gliese (504)

Long term Nique collaborator Gliese (504) is a sustainability game changer. Made up of Stella, Kotoyo and Aimèe, this small group of Melbourne women have a big dream - to change fashion as we know it. Explore our Gliese (504) collaborations here.

Citizen Wolf

Sydney based Citizen Wolf have been re-engineering the way clothes are made at scale to be carbon negative, championing a healthy relationship with clothes that balances the environment with comfortable, stylish garments. Citizen Wolf are also the brain trust behind Black Fri-dye, an eco dying laundry that Nique has been a long supporter of. Black Fri-Dye presents an alternative to the rampant consumerism of Black Friday Sales, giving people the opportunity to over dye their preloved garments to give them a new life.


Based in Melbourne and founded by Suzan Dlouhy, SZN is an independent label designed and made in Australia that focuses on simplicity and craftsmanship to produce mindful and intelligent garments. With an ethos of ‘Fashion is art’, SZN uses reductive pattern making to produce minimal garments in organic and sustainable fabrics.


Want to collaborate?

We are always looking to collaborate with slow fashion creators who can help us extend the life cycle of our garments and keep clothes out of landfill. If you would like to get in contact regarding sustainably up-cycling clothes and textiles, please get in touch here.

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