A statement through modern simplicity and mindful design 


At Nique our ethos is one of simplicity of style, versatility of function and a commitment to being ever conscious of our environmental impact. Beguilingly clean lines, classic colour palettes and attention to carefully sourced fabrications with a luxury ‘touch appeal’ allow our Nique wearers to use their headspace for their other creative pursuits and crafts. Our core ranges include ‘men', ‘women' and ‘ unisex' and our customer mixes and matches and picks and chooses from all our offerings, not sticking to traditional categories of gender and liberated by our innovative approach to design that creates inclusive sizing across our ranges. 


Our cult following ensures we keep designing our forever garments for our forever customer. Pieces are made to be worn every day and in any guise, from professional to relaxed. New additions to our ranges that include 24/7 sleepwear and sweats add to our customer’s recent lifestyle changes. At Nique we will continue to bend and grow with our wearer.  


Nothing sums up our design vision more than our pursuit of the perfect t shirt. We believe that creative days start with comfortable wearable clothes and at Nique we see the role of t shirt at the core of our customer's style. Form and function combine in all our t shirts which as a rule sit iconically long, possess uncluttered lines and are made from the softest combination of natural fibres.


We want to be realistic about who we are as a fashion brand and do not believe it possible to offer a holistic 100% sustainability. We will always be honest and true about our commitment to what we think is achievable and ‘mindful design’ is something we are always striving for. With this as an indelible commitment we have set ourselves the goal of by 2022, 95% of our collections will be made from natural and sustainable fabrics. We also regularly team up with creatives and initiatives who offer innovative re-purposing of the Nique wearer’s most loved pieces, including re-dying, re-cutting and re-imagining existing garments. We are constantly reviewing our practices, perfecting our offerings and learning more about our customer and what they love. We will keep you posted on our progress