Nique was established in 1998 in pursuit of statement through simplicity.
We speak to the new modernists - those with an eye for detail and appreciation of the refined.

Combining minimal shapes, impeccable details and our unique signature, we hope to empower people to feel confident and comfortable in themselves in whatever space they inhabit.

Guided by modernist principles, discarding the traditional notions of gender and age, we celebrate the ritual of getting dressed everyday, inspired by individualism and experimentation.
We encourage our customers to explore every piece in every collection, and find strength in discovering their unique and authentic style.

With focus on clean lines and exceptional fabrics chosen for their refined finish and light environmental footprint, we create timeless collections in a monochromatic palette highlighted by mineral hues.
Natural fibres such as silk, rich cottons, linen, specialty cellulosic fabrics and cashmere create simple
modern silhouettes to compliment our minimalistic approach, keeping us functional and focused.

Obsessed with the T-shirt, we love its ability to relax any outfit and its ubiquitous presence in everyone’s wardrobes. Our carefully designed tees are made in luxurious natural blends, elevating your everyday.

Grounded by our reverence of the environment, our mission is to create fashion that is at once timeless yet seasonally relevant - clothes that are kept, loved and worn for years to come.
Whilst we are realistic as a fashion brand and do not believe it possible to be completely sustainable, we will always be open and honest about the steps we are taking to lessen our environmental impact.