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How to look after your denim


Our denim is designed to fade and with each wear, it will begin to evolve and develop unique characteristics. The beauty of using indigo dyes is that, over time areas of your denim will develop whiskers, often seen in areas where it creases and folds. The denim will begin to form around the shape of your body and the way you wear it.


Due to the special dyes used in the creation of the denim, we highly advise avoiding contact with any light coloured garments, upholstery and the like. This is due to the excess colour that may still be present in the denim.


If you choose to wash the denim, we advise to turn your denim inside out and hand wash with minimal soap. Excess Dye will wash out and it will enhance the fade aspect of the denim.
We advise not to use hot water or to tumble dry your denim jeans.

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