Nique, Footwear, Leather

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Our shoes are hand-made in Porto, Portugal; a city rich in history and tradition. The slow and attentive process involved in the traditional manufacturing of the shoes is reminiscent of the city, the people and it’s culture. Porto is rich in resources, a European hub where they’ve cemented themselves as one of the shoe capitals of Europe.

We work with a tight knit family of makers, each trained in the art of shoe making and knowledge which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Nique, Footwear, Leather
Nique, Footwear, Leather


Shoe making is very meticulous, with each component going through several hands and machinery. Every detail is scrutinised ensuring the best quality and finish is achieved.

Experienced in their field, the artisans work alongside some of Europe’s respected tanneries sourcing and developing the best leathers naturally and in the most authentic and traditional ways. One in particular is, Marsipel. Marsipel leathers incorporates the complete production chain related to the process of transforming leather from the beginning to the end.


With today’s abundance of disposable fast fashion goods, our aim was to create pieces that will last, pieces that matter and pieces that you’ll love.

We’re very much inspired by stripping things back and reflecting on simplicity and quality. It’s what makes us and what we do.

Nique, Footwear, Leather

With the right care, your shoes can be loved for a long time.

Everyday Use

Our shoes are made with genuine leather. After each use, we recommend storing your footwear in a dark place away from any sunlight. If your leather shoes have a prolonged exposure to sunlight, there is a possibility that it could tan the leather.

For brand new shoes, we recommend wearing your shoes every second day, this will help the leather settle to the shape of your foot more smoothly.

Cleaning & Upkeep

There are many products out there that will help extend the life of your shoes. It is essential that you clean your shoes with premium shoe cleaners.

For suede or nubuck leather, we recommend using a rubber brush to remove a light layer. We do not recommend detergents as this can stain the suede. We do not recommend machine washing your shoes


Our sneakers are paired with waxed cotton laces. They are slightly more firm which makes it easy to tie, are less likely to break and holds to it's knot more tightly. Should you have issues with your laces, please contact kayle@nique.com.au

Nique, Footwear, LeatherNique, Footwear, Leather

How to find your size

Heel-to-toe measurement

In order to truly determine your size, we recommend measuring from the heel to your toe. A classic way of measuring would be to simply place your foot on a blank piece of paper and rest your heel against a wall. Then outline your foot. Once you have the outline, you simply grab a ruler and measure from the heel to the toe.

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Heel To Toe Measurement

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