Factory compliance

Nique cares about the welfare of all our workers, whether they are in head office, retail stores, or manufacturing. As a Nique Standard, all factories we work with must comply with minimum age and wage requirements, our anti-discrimination policy, and have work hour and overtime legislation implemented. Annual factory visits are conducted to ensure that it is a healthy and safe work environment.


Nique prohibits the use of forced labour in the manufacturing and sourcing of all goods and materials. Nique will not be affiliated or have relationships with any clothing manufacturers, factories or facilities which employ forced and/or child labour.


Ban on sandblasting

Apparel sandblasting involves projecting fine sand with compressed air to create a worn look on garments such as denim. However it can be extremely damaging to the health of workers, and for this reason Nique has banned the use of sandblasting on any of the brands products.


Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare is important to us at Nique. We prohibit the use of fur and pelts, and do not use any endangered species or exotic skins in any of our products. No Angora wool is used in any Unique product or sample, and all yak wool comes from domesticated herds.