Our customers are invited to return their pre-loved Nique clothes to us in return for a gift voucher. These clothes are then sorted and inspected, and our team of experts decides the best way to give them a new lease on life. In the rare event that the item is too damaged to be upcycled, we ensure the item is responsibly disposed of. 

Gliese (504)

We have partnered with sustainability game changers Gliese (504) to upcycle our deadstock and save the garments from landfill. This way, we also get to support small businesses and creatives here in Australia. We have so far two collaborations with the brand- the Re-Shirt capsule and Hand Dyed capsule.


Partnering with independent Australian fashion label SZN, we upcycle our deadstock into new and exciting items. SZN uses reductive pattern making to produce soulful and intelligent pieces using old Nique garments.

    Black Fridye

    Offering a step back from rampant consumerism on Black Friday, we offer our customers an easy way to extend the life cycle of their clothes by over-dying preloved garments black.