Nique recognises the contradiction between the current fashion industry and the concept of sustainability, and therefore do not identify ourselves as a sustainable brand. However, we are committed to continuing our sustainability journey to create innovative fashion that isn’t wasteful, and doesn’t negatively impact people or our planet.

Mindful Design.

At Nique, we understand that making clothes is a lifelong commitment. We create timeless garments which are considered in both their design and fabrication, with the intent our customers wearing each item year after year.

Our Goal.

By 2022, our aim is for 95% of our collection to be made from natural and sustainable fabrics.

An open conversation

We are always trying to better ourselves as a brand, and right now sustainability is at the top of our list. We are always looking to collaborate with slow fashion creators who can help us extend the life cycle of our garments and keep clothes out of landfill. If you would like to get in contact regarding sustainably up-cycling clothes and textiles, please email