SS 2016

Synaesthesia Collection By Nique

This season, Nique have explored the neurological phenomenon known as ‘Synaesthesia’, the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense.

We have been inspired by the relationships between ‘sight’, ‘sound’ and ‘touch’ to influence the designs in this collection. Fabrications selected with special textures such as cotton, linen, silk, rami, hemp, and wool blends have been used to stimulate the somatosensory system, or ‘touch perception’. The designs themselves have been created with this theme in mind; unique minimal detailing, large draping pockets, asymmetric folds, abstract shapes and back details that cross over and wrap around the body.

Our fabric and knitwear has also been designed to look more three dimensional, using both the right and wrong sides of the fabric, inverted knitwear panelling and special washing techniques such as stonewash, acid wash and pigment over-dyeing.

The unique prints designed in-house on both the menswear and womenswear were influenced by music the design team had been listening to during the development of the collection. This soundscape then informed the visual imagery of the prints that have been produced on silk, viscose and rayon. Our denim collection has been in development for the past year. Using the best Turkish and Italian denim, we travelled to our denim factory to observe and develop the best washes, treatments and fits to create our take on DENIM.